deform is a Python HTML form generation library. It runs under Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.2 and 3.3.

The design of deform is heavily influenced by the formish form generation library. Some might even say it’s a shameless rip-off; this would not be completely inaccurate. It differs from formish mostly in ways that make the implementation (arguably) simpler and smaller.

deform uses Colander as a schema library, Peppercorn as a form control deserialization library, and Chameleon to perform HTML templating.

deform depends only on Peppercorn, Colander, Chameleon and an internationalization library named translationstring, so it may be used in most web frameworks (or antiframeworks) as a result.

Alternate templating languages may be used, as long as all templates are translated from the native Chameleon templates to your templating system of choice and a suitable renderer is supplied to deform.

Demonstration Site

Visit to view an application which demonstrates most of Deform’s features. The source code for this application is also available in the deform package on GitHub.

Support and Development

To report bugs, use the bug tracker.

If you’ve got questions that aren’t answered by this documentation, contact the Pylons-discuss maillist or join the

#pylons IRC channel.

Browse and check out tagged and trunk versions of deform via the deform package on GitHub. To check out the trunk, use this command:

git clone git://

To find out how to become a contributor to deform, please see the Pylons Project contributor documentation.

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